About us

How Knight Cleaning Services started:

Knight Security Solutions (KSS) is a comprehensive security solution company offering 24/7 Alarm Monitoring from their Control Centre, Alarm and CCTV installations, repairs and upgrades, Armed Response, Guarding and a K9 (patrol dogs) solution. Knight Cleaning Services (KCS) was started in 2015 by KSS as an additional service to some of the KSS guarding sites, but has now grown into a far larger community cleaning solution.


To be the best, most reliable, accommodating and professional cleaning company in the Midlands.


To provide the best quality and most dedicated service to our clients. At KCS we aspire to establish and maintain good working relationships with our clients, we aim to continue growing, improving on our service delivery and creating job opportunities for the Midlands community.

Our values

  • Efficient, reliable service delivery.
  • Empathy for our clients.
  • Accessibility through a personal and professional service.
  • Continuous staff development.

Our objectives

  • To customise innovative products or services to suit our client’s needs.
  • To work hand-in-hand with our clients.
  • To be neatly and professionally presented.

Our uniqueness

  • The owners of KSS are actively involved and deal directly with the clients should the need arise.
  • Have a dedicated supervisor to oversee the entire cleaning division.
  • Back-up support from the entire KSS security team.

Why Knight Cleaning Services (KCS)?

  • KCS offers numerous cleaning services:
    • Domestic cleaning
    • Commercial cleaning
    • Builders cleaning
    • Retail and shopping centres
    • Moving house (move in / move out) cleaning
    • Spring cleaning
  • KCS manages all the Human Resources (HR) aspect of the cleaning staff in terms of employment contracts, statutory deductions (UIF), provident fund and disciplinary action.
  • With the support and reputable name of KSS behind KCS we will ensure that we maintain our high standards and service delivery.
  • KCS are clearly identifiable in their branded cleaning uniforms.